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Pregnancy & New Mums

Treatment through each trimester and beyond 

Pregnancy Treatment

During pregnancy your body undergoes a great amount of change and development to accommodate a growing fetus. The postural changes and increase in weight are obvious, but other changes may be more subtle like the effects of hormonal softening of ligaments and the position of the growing baby. A combination of the above can put additional pressure on your joints and muscles of your spine and pelvis. Osteopathy aims to help maintain correct alignment, with specific focus to the spine and pelvis , up until your birth window.

Can Osteopathy Help Postnatally?

Depending on the type of labour experienced, women can have a wide range of issues postnatally. Osteopathic care can help to restore and maintain normal pelvic alignment and mobility and therefore, taking away any pain and discomfort they may be feeling. If you have unresolved childbirth stresses from labour, these can contribute not only to ongoing back problems, but also to difficulties with menstruation, stress incontinence, and bowel problems such as constipation.

Osteopathic treatment can also help with aches and pains associated with; poor breast-feeding posture, lifting car seats and prams, carrying your baby and bending over the cot.

The most common complaints during pregnancy are:

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain

  • Shortness of breath

  • Neck, shoulder and upper back pain

  • Insomnia

  • Swelling

  • High blood pressure

  • Fatigue

The most common issues we see relate to; lower back pain, coccyx pain, pelvic girdle pain (PGP), sciatica and neck shoulder and upper back pain. 

Is It Safe To Have Osteopathic Treatment During Pregnancy?


Osteopathy is safe and gentle for both the mother and the baby. The techniques used during pregnancy are carefully selected to minimise any risk. These techniques are gentle and the comfort of the mother is always taken into consideration and may be adapted to suit each patient.

 Our osteopaths can accommodate any woman, regardless of size. We will use cushions in treatment to help give maximum support during treatment.

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We are registered with the: General Osteopathic Council & 
The Institute of Osteopathy
The institute osteopathy
The General osteopath council register
Osteopaths use a combination of movement, stretching, targeted deep tissue massage and manipulation of a person’s muscles and joints to improve function, relieve pain and aid recovery
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