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Biomechanics                Assessment

Helping to make every step count

What is a Biomechanics appointment?

During a Biomechanics appointment our musculoskeletal specialist podiatrist will asses why you may be suffering with foot pain, ankle, toe, leg pain. 

They will test muscles and often watch the way you walk to help diagnose your problem. Advice, exercises and sometimes orthotics/insoles may be advised and will be discussed at the appointment.

What you need to know before your treatment

  • Our biomechanical assessment takes up to

  • It would be helpful to wear shorts, leggings or loose fitting trousers in order for the podiatrist to give a full easement of the lower extremity.

  • Please bring any footwear which you would wear on a regular basis (this can be any number of pairs

If you are needing an orthotic for your: ski boots, golf shoes, specific sports trainers please bring these with you along with any relevant socks or protective wear you would normally wear with them.

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