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Paediatric Osteopathy


Paediatric osteopaths work to remove any tensions that may have occurred during pregnancy and/or delivery and restore proper balance and alignment of the body to optimise health and wellbeing.

Using gentle and appropriate techniques (including cranial osteopathy), the osteopath will re-balance the baby's tensions by working on the whole body (skull, spine, abdomen, pelvis, lower and upper limbs.) They can also release the tensions around the mouth (jaw, throat, soft palate) to allow your baby to breastfeed and bottle feed easily if they are having difficulty.

A large scale study was completed in 2021 with positive results for young children receiving osteopathy treatment,  click here  to read the published article

Baby Stretches


Newborn and infant treatment supports the release of physical stresses from pregnancy and birth and is often sought for:

  • Trauma from difficult delivery (very long or short delivery, C-Section, ventouse, forceps or other interventions.)

  • Breastfeeding challenges (latching difficulty, preference for feeding on one side.)

  • Crying, fussiness, difficulty settling, colic, sleep disturbances.

  • Digestive issues (reflux, wind, constipation)

  • Head shape asymmetries and congenital Torticolis. 

Often parents bring their infants regardless of symptoms as a way to check for any present tensions and moulding which may lead to difficulties in later infancy.

Older Children

For toddlers and older children osteopathy treatment can support:

  • Immune strengthening

  • Recurring ENT disorders (ear, nose and sinus infections)

  • Asthma

  • Behavioural and learning difficulties

  • Physical/mental trauma


Treatment can be beneficial after significant falls, and head or tailbone injuries, to release strains in the tissue and prevent compensatory postural changes.

The onset of puberty can exacerbate trauma experienced during birth and childhood, manifesting in structural or functional disturbances such as scoliosis, headaches or difficulty concentrating.


Sports, carrying heavy schoolbags, and computer and video game use can also lead to injuries and imbalances.

Kids Play

Pregnancy & New Mummies

Through pregnancy, your body goes through significant rapid changes, and your centre of gravity shifts as your bump & baby grow. Another big change is the production of the hormone, relaxin, designed to increase blood flow and relax the ligaments in the pelvic region.

The physical exertion on our bodies during birth, including the rapid widening of the birth canal, and immediate shift in the centre of gravity post-birth, can also put a lot of strain on the body.

These notable physical changes can impact on our muscles and ligaments, and how we feel in ourselves. The gentle, non-invasive techniques used by our osteopaths can really help to relieve some of those tensions and stresses on mum’s body, and therefore promoting an improved sense of wellbeing.

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