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Corns & Calluses


Also know as Heloma Durum, corns are common foot conditions which occur from consistent pressure on areas of the foot, for example when you wear no socks with shoes.

You can have a hard corn (often on the top, bottom or side of the foot), soft corn (often between the toes) or seeded corns (often on the heel or ball of the foot).

Symptoms include:

– Pain
– Tenderness
– Hard Corns (hard patches of skin)
– Soft Corns (thin skin with a smooth centre)
– Seed Corns (circle of dead skin)



Treatment will help to enucleated the corn (remove the nucleus – which is the painful part), cover and protect if it is soar and take action to prevent future corns. Advice regarding footwear is often given as this is the most common cause.

Painful corn on foot. Close up of Calluses_.jpg


Calluses are thickened and hard areas of skin which are generally not painful. Treatment is often needed when they become painful or when they cause problems and issues with wearing shoes. An assessment will determine why the callus has appeared in the first place to help avoid problems in the future. Treatment will be provided to help remove or reduce the callus as well as provide advice and information.

calluses on big toe on bottom of the foot.jpg

For the treatment of either of these issues please book an initial podiatry appointment and the podiatrist will be able to examine and treat in the same session. 

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