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Ingrown toenails on a woman's foot, isolated on white background, pain in the big toe clos

Ingrown Toenails


One of the most common foot problems are ingrown toenails especially amongst those who love their sport. The most common area to get them are on the side of the big toe and often appears swollen, red and if not treated can become infected. Ingrown toenails appear due to tight footwear, excessive flexible tissue around the nail but mostly due to incorrect cutting of the nail.

Treatment is based around cutting the nail that is causing pain and irritation whilst making sure there is no infection. Advice will be provided regarding proper nail cutting so that the future growth of the nail does not cause any problems to the patient.

Occasionally we may suggest a small surgical

procedure to remove the nail if the problem


Click here for more info on nail surgery.

For the treatment of this issue please book an initial podiatry appointment and the podiatrist will be able to examine and offer treatment (not including nail surgery) in the same session. 

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