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Hello, I'm Naomi

I joined The Orchard Clinic in 2022 after working as a mobile massage therapist. I gained my Level 3 Qualification for Sports Massage Therapy in 2020 and then my Level 4 Qualification for Soft Tissue Mobilisation later in 2020.

I then completed a Myofascial Cupping Course in 2021 which I like to offer my clients as an additional treatment option alongside their massage.

What made you study sports massage?

As my background was performing, I always had been around massage therapists fixing my aches and pains (and occasional injuries) whilst performing. When I made the decision to step back from performing and move into a more creative and admin role in the performing arts, the thought of learning to become a Sports Massage Therapist was born. It's a great way to still feel connected to the world I trained to be in and worked in for so long, and also it allows me to use a skill to help people from every walk of life, not just those who love a bright light and a sparkly costume.

What strengths or skill set do you have in your field

For me, the most rewarding thing is when someone comes in with a specific problem and over the course of a treatment or a couple of treatments we can really work to break down the problem and you see such improvement in the client. In terms of additional skill sets, I trained in the use of Myofascial cupping and it's something I'm starting to use more with clients - if you think of those round 'bruise' type marks you often seen athletes at major sporting comps with - that's the tell-tale mark of cupping. It's a great tool to help break down knots and tension but in a gentler way for our clients.

What do you enjoy outside of life in the clinic?

Outside of work you'll find me in one of two places mostly, at a sewing machine or in the theatre! I'm still very much connected with the world of theatre, and there's very few things that I love more than being immersed in an incredible piece of live theatre - there is no escapism like it! The other thing I love to do is sew. Lockdown re-kindled a love of sewing clothes and whilst many friends have suggested going on 'Sewing Bee', I'm afraid that is somewhere I don't think I'll be going any time soon (too much stress).

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