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Hello, I'm Kai-Ti

Before pursuing a podiatry career, I had done a doctoral degree in Religious Studies and pursued research within various universities. After I retrained, I began my podiatric career working as a podiatrist for the NHS in Bedfordshire before going on to work in a private multidisciplinary clinic in Godmanchester in 2015.

What made you want to be a podiatrist?

I was originally an academic but, after starting a family, I decided I wanted to change careers and instead do something more practical, where I could actually help people. I knew I wanted to do something medical – and definitely not anything abstract like research – and I also wanted to find something that I could balance with a family life. When I came across podiatry, it seemed like a perfect fit. I could not only work independently and set my own hours but also each day I would get to experience the satisfaction of having people come in with a problem and leave with a solution. The fulfilment this has given me has been many times greater than anything I ever received from researching obscure scholarly matters.

What strengths or skill sets do you have as a podiatrist?

In addition to the knowledge I acquired during my Podiatry BSc, I have since gone on to train as a qualified K-Laser therapist for podiatry conditions and have also been trained in verruca needling. Moreover, I have been trained to hand-make, bespoke functional insoles and frequently make them for my patients, offering an additional option alongside standard prefabricated and lab-produced custom-made insoles.

What do you enjoy outside of life as a podiatrist?

Cooking, baking, and growing my own vegetables, I enjoy them all. As well as English I can converse in Mandarin & Fujianese and attend a language school to help teach others.

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