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Hello, I'm Elli

I completed my podiatry degree at the University of Southampton and joined the Orchard Clinic in 2016.  I have worked in the NHS my whole career and recently completed a MBA moving into a projects team in a leadership role at a local hospital and away from the podiatry department. 

My private podiatry work is keeping my hands busy in the profession and I am also the founding Podiatrist at The Orchard Clinic.

What made you want to be a podiatrist?

As a hockey player I was interested in sports injuries and knew I wanted a career in healthcare. I didn’t even know what a Podiatrist did but was excited to do a course that led directly into a career.

What strengths or skill sets do you have as a podiatrist?

Over the years my interests have changed having previously managed an NHS Podiatry service and working in the high risk diabetes service. I now most enjoy providing routine foot care and building relationships with my patients. I am passionate about all patients accessing appropriate Podiatry services and enjoy helping patients with additional needs requiring some extra support to access healthcare confidently. You will also always find me offering to carry out a nail surgery procedure for the satisfaction and speedy resolution we can provide.

What do you enjoy outside of life as a podiatrist?


Being here there and everywhere - with my husband and our daughter Beatrice and Sprocker spaniel Jasper in tow! We love to holiday, spend time outside and seeing friends and family. I have also returned to hockey after having Bea so we are often at Bedford Hockey Club playing or supporting.

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