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Hello, I'm Katie

I founded The Orchard Clinic in May 2012 after going on a travelling excursion after my 4 year degree in  osteopathy. It was another long "Greyhound" bus journey along the East Coast of Australia when I thought up the business name and we are so fortunate to have grown and flourished to now be a leading musculoskeletal practice. 

What made you want to be an osteopath?

I had no idea what an Osteopath was in truth. I set out to be a Physiotherapist, however, after some extensive work experience I found the care was not as personal and in depth as I had hoped. My dad had then fractured his hip participating in one of my rounders matches and after failed surgery he was seeing an Osteopath who correctly referred him for further investigation. I watched his treatment and my spark was lit - helping people feel better when they think all hope is lost was my goal.

What strengths or skill set do you have as an osteopath?

Since having my own daughter my passion has been treating children and infants. I completed a years post graduate training at the world renound Osteopathic Children's Centre in London seeing all manner of cases. I particularly enjoy treating feeding difficulties, birth strains and postural assymmetries. Outside of paediatrics my strengths would be in treating pregnancy & post partum women, general headaches/migraines, and chronic back pain.


What do you enjoy outside of life as an osteopath?

I love gardening! Watching the spring bulbs emerge is probably my favourite time of the year and remembering what I have planted. I also love trees and currently have 15 in our garden, which is a new build plot, but I love the birds and wildlife they attract. I also love walking my golden retriver, Ollie, when I'm not being dragged around a soft play by my young daughter Isla.

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