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Verruca Needling

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How it works

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Verrucae are a notorious source of frustration for both patient and Podiatrist due to their unpredictable response to treatment. Falknor’s Needling is an innovative treatment which is suggested to be around 50-69% successful in a single treatment.  It serves as a great treatment alternative for patients who are unable to follow weekly or fortnightly treatment regimes (of acid or freezing) and for those where all other treatment methods have failed. 

Verruca Needling is performed under local anaesthetic and is the process of puncturing the Verruca multiple times with a sterile needle. It works by breaking down the verruca and exposing particles of the virus to the fatty tissue beneath the skin.


There the body is rich with cells that can detect and fight the verruca virus. As the immune response is often systemic, treatment of only one verruca is required (if you have more than one) as spontaneous resolution often occurs in all, or most, verrucae at the same time.

Following the procedure, you will have a post-operative dressing and be given a re-dressing appointment. We ask you to rest for the remainder of the day and avoid driving for 24 hours. Following this you will be able to start your normal activities within your comfort level; most patients describe post-operatively that the area feels ‘bruised’. 

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