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Hello, I'm Kayla

I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2017, gaining the majority of my experience as a podiatrist in different NHS trusts around London and over the last two years around Northamptonshire and Bedford. This involved learning to treat a range of conditions of the lower limb and feet.

What made you want to be a podiatrist?

Podiatry is a career I gladly and fortunately stumbled upon during my search for a career path, as I knew I wanted to be of service in the healthcare system to help the community. I chose podiatry because it involves a combination of medical knowledge, problem-solving, and helping people directly. Additionally, the focus on the feet and ankles presents a unique and interesting aspect of the human body to specialise in, with opportunities improve patient’s mobility and comfort.

What strengths or skill sets do you have as a podiatrist?

I believe as a podiatrist, I possess a combination of updated podiatry knowledge, technical skills to treat a range of foot conditions and good communication abilities to assist anyone who may need podiatry treatment. Treatment of pathological nails such as ingrowing/involuted nails and painful skin lesions including corns and verruca, are areas I have ensured to make a high priority in my skill set, as majority of the time, immediate relief can be achieved which allows the client to walk out of the clinic happier and in less pain than when they first arrived.

What do you enjoy outside of life as a podiatrist?

Outside of being a podiatrist, I love spending time with my family. And being from the Caribbean, I love music and dancing.

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